Party Til You Cry shirt

Party Til You Cry shirt

My uncle had a get away place on Toulouse between bourbon and Royal. i used it almost every weekend . My future wife and i used to go spend weekends just enjoying theParty Til You Cry shirt and all the sights and food in the area. we had been dating a little less than two years . I decided that on our next trip down to the quarter i was going to ask her to marry me. she had no clue. i bought a ring and our next trip we were enjoying bourbon and had dinner and a couple of drinks and then went to preservation for some music. we left there around 1 am and it was pouring down rain. we started walking back to the apartment and laughing and enjoying the rain. Both of us were soaking wet and not even worried about it . when we got to the corner of Toulouse , i told her to hold up for a minute. I pulled the ring out of my pocket ,got down on one knee in the middle of the intersection and proposed . she was shocked and did say yes. almost 40 years later we don’t go to the quarter anymore .

Party Til You Cry shirt(Party Til You Cry shirt)

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