The Cranberries shirt

The Cranberries shirt

It has been tarnished a bit…no, it has been tarnished a lot ofThe Cranberries shirt ! To be honest, I would love to visit my cherished home town; but, I am AFRAID! I never in a million years thought I would ever say those words! I admire all of you who live in New Orleans and are just trying to live your lives in the city you love, trying to raise your children to know right from wrong, to respect life, to have a true moral code. You will all be in my prayers. I dream of one day returning to “The City that Care Forgot”! There’s too much care in the city right now, and nothing is “Easy”…Big or small! God bless New Orleans, and God, please look after her brave inhabitants who choose to stay!!!  Forget Mardi Gras, Sugar Bowl, Super Bowl (when hosted), Vieux Carre, restaurants, clubs and everything else. Jazz Fest was always my favorite from the first time I went in the mid to late 70s I guess. I have not lived in NO for 20 years but Jazz Fest is something I definitely miss.

The Cranberries shirt(The Cranberries shirt)

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