We Don’t Talk About Bruno T Shirt (1)

We Don’t Talk About Bruno T Shirt (1)

I think we have two favorites, though – Pere Maspero and Kingfish. We usually only hit Pere Maspero for breakfast. Kingfish, on the other hand, won us over on aWe Don’t Talk About Bruno T Shirt (1) night. We made reservations for Reveillon at Antione’s on a Saturday night. Once seated, we were informed they were not serving their Reveillon menu that night. After a glass of wine whilst reading their “special” menu for that night. We decided we were not thrilled with the menu, so we paid for the wine & left. I had researched the Reveillon menus & the #2 on my list was a place I’d never heard of – Kingfish. It was only a few blocks from Antione’s, and we were treated like royalty, even without a reservation. The Reveillon menus are a special prix fix menu for the holidays. Kingfish’s was amazing! The restaurant is a bit themed as a Huey Long-era speakeasy. The bartenders even wear garters on their arms. The food? I am certain it was better than what we would have eaten at Antoine’s. In fact, for about $35 each, we had a four-course meal. Mine included a bisque with foie gras. By the way, even if we only get to Pere Maspero’s once a year, we tend to be recognized. Wherever you find, make a point to be a regular. Once recognized, your service is so elevated…even if it’s once a year.

We Don't Talk About Bruno T Shirt (1)(We Don’t Talk About Bruno T Shirt (1))

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