Pocket Shih Tzu Sweater

Pocket Shih Tzu


There is a couple pieces of wisdom that I want to share first because I believe they’re very important in telling his story of Pocket Shih Tzu Sweater. I’m paraphrasing, but the first basically states that how you live is more important than what you believe. The second, that it isn’t about when our life begins or when it ends but about all the moments in between. I like to think both of those are extremely relevant.

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What makes this harder to swallow is just how close he is to his 19th birthday. He was cute the day he arrived and honestly, it felt like he never got much bigger, no matter how much he ate! To know Ethan is to know he was always rather slight of Pocket Shih Tzu Sweater. I don’t think he cracked 100lbs until he was ten. If he had the right clothes on though you might have thought he was twenty. But trust me, it was all an illusion.

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I had a thought as I wrote this. What if I was told early on, you are going to be blessed with an amazing son but you will only get to have him for a little over ten years, would you like Pocket Shih Tzu Sweater.Knowing how much I love him and what I know about him and how he affected those around him, my answer would be done.

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