Bisexual Pride Shirt

Bisexual Pride


I’m not “proud” to be straight. I was born that Bisexual Pride Shirt. I’m also not “proud” to have blue eyes or red hair (also, born that way). I guess I just don’t get the idea of being proud to be gay. If you’re born that way than there’s nothing to be proud of…it’s just who you are, right? I save pride for when I have done something to make the world a better place or to change someone else’s life.

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Bisexual Pride
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Bisexual Pride
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Bisexual Pride
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Bisexual Pride
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I think “Pride” was maybe a bad choice of Bisexual Pride Shirt. I am heterosexual but I am neither proud nor ashamed as my sexuality is not something I had anything to do with. I was born and/or developed heterosexually same as homosexuals were born and/or developed that way. There is no achievement in it. Same as if I was born tall or with a particular eye colour or skin colour. It is not a pride/shame issue. I could vaguely see why transgender people could call themselves proud

Best Bisexual Pride Shirt

Bisexual Pride
Ladie Vneck
Bisexual Pride

If I look at the comments it makes me feel like Bisexual Pride Shirt. We are nobody to judge who somebody loves. No human being has ever met God or asked if it was okay to love someone from the same sex. The question doesn’t make sense! Because we are ultimately loving someone. We are spreading love and not hate. It’s easy to play the blame game and drag religion into it and believe the books that were written thousand of years ago.

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