Dammit, Boyd! Tshirt

Dammit, Boyd! T


I disagree with Stephen. I agree Garrett (the clapping clown) should have Dammit, Boyd! Tshirt. But the fact that he hasn’t is not due to racism or favoritism toward a white coach. Jerry fires both Tom Landry and Jimmy Johnson, both of them multiple Super Bowl winning coaches. In Garrett he has his clapping  clown  puppet. No other great coach would touch the Cowboy’s coaching job because they know Jones is calling all of the shots.

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White peoples only legitimate response to this is “b-b-but what about Marvin Lewis?!” Lmao some one tried to say Doc Rivers (Has a ring) and Dammit, Boyd! Tshirt.. and is also, on a ticking clock). They’re only answer is Marvin Lewis… Marvin Lewis!!! And honestly we can talk about why he’s there too if we want to be honest.

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Dammit, Boyd! T
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Dammit, Boyd! T

Who cares why he’s still coach. He serves Herry, period. Only one team wins each Season. What is under achieving ( as a coach) lots of Dammit, Boyd! Tshirt I could ask but there are no good answers either way. You preach real nice, like Chuckie when he was commentator, but do the gig and all of a sudden you can’t win? This dude thinks he knows something coaches don’t know….sit down and let the owners decide who works for them…key words “ who works for them”.

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