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Yes… Publish the list of those members of Free Trump Coin shirt that used taxpayer money to payoff their sexual accusers, then force these congressional members to repay taxpayers or resign from office without retirement benefits.. If I tried doing that at work with company money I would be prosecuted for theft or embezzlement..

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I have never been for revenge, Scripture says that Free Trump Coin shirt, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. AND he will Repay. We had a national day of prayer for our Beloved President Donald Trump. Casting all our cares upon God , He honors the prayers of His righteous people, we Love this Country, we dont dishonor the price thats been paid for our Freedom, and we dont take that Gift lightly, to God be the Glory

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We want the government to stop funding Planned Parenthood or Planned Abortion as we call it. We want the Free Trump Coin shirt of seniors required to take out money out of their 401ks when they reach 71 so the government can tax it. We want an end to the earned income tax credit, which is just a form of welfare. This allows people to collect a tax refund which is much larger than the taxes they paid, based on the number of children they have

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