Fuck Boris Slowthai Tee Shirt

Fuck Boris Slowthai Tee Shirt


I’m so sick of feeling like a bad mum like I’m not doing enough for my kids, like my house is never clean enough, like they don’t have enough manners, like they aren’t going to grow up and be special people and impact so many hearts. It’s Fuck Boris Slowthai Tee Shirt about their futures while trying to enjoy your own. I get so defeated sometimes and feel so shit that I wasn’t one of ‘ ‘those’ mothers. For once it would be nice to hear how proud someone is of me and how great of a job I’m doing instead of ‘mum shaming’, I always try and build other mums up because it is the most selfless, hardest job in the world.

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Fuck Boris Slowthai Tee Shirt
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Fuck Boris Slowthai Tee Shirt
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Fuck Boris Slowthai Tee Shirt
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I just loved it. I’ve thankfully passed the worst of this time now, my baby is 3 months old, but Fuck Boris Slowthai Tee Shirt know it comes and goes. I just wanted to let you know that it made a difference in my day to read your notes. Motherhood is extremely difficult and wonderful in many different ways, so thank you for letting us know we are not alone! Your daughter is really beautiful, you doing a great job.

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Fuck Boris Slowthai Tee Shirt
Fuck Boris Slowthai Tee Shirt

My daughter at three, announced to her nursery class, that Fuck Boris Slowthai Tee Shirt do not come out of mummy’s bellies, but down down down, out of mummy’s daisy, but not where your wee comes out, that’s a different hole. The nursery was concerned we may upset other parents being upset at their children knowing the ‘truth’.










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