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They both rely on a catalyst, an instigating factor, either political rhetoric or Monster Truck American Flag T-shirts in society created by affairs of state or war or the breakdown of diplomatic relations. Uneducated or ill health or inequality, they don’t necessarily rely on leadership and in actual fact, it is the absence of leadership, incompetent leadership or aggressive unbridled and irresponsible leadership that is most likely the cause. The lack of adequate democracy and political competence in the face of adversity.

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One leftist mass shooter and suddenly you care about the Monster Truck American Flag T-shirts political views. He was a violent misogynist and people knew it. Again and again, mass shooters have a history of misogyny. it may be more common than their tendency toward fascism.

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I’m part of the problem. I’m not going to Monster Truck American Flag T-shirts further in what I think is the primary problem: arguing with people on social media and dividing us up more than we already are. Americans of all different races get along day to day just fine. I intend to do my part to keep it that way.

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