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They always do. But what you are failing to see is that Venezuela cannot get out of Official #Freecolbybrock shirt. And a lot of Venezuelans are ok with international help, even if it comes with consequences. I don’t think you can imagine the level of poverty and the depth of the humanitarian crisis because, even though you run the news, you haven’t lived a day in the life of a Venezuelan. I like TYT but this is askew.

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I was speaking to an Uber during an Uber ride. We were talking about the past and Official #Freecolbybrock shirt. I too said when I was growing up I learned that America was honest, stood with integrity, and for morality. I never thought we were capable ofinvading other countries for their natural resources. We gave Afghanistan weapons to go to war with Russia for our self interests. We need to put progressives. in office.

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As a mexican national living in Mexico I celebrate this openness of speaking the Official #Freecolbybrock shirt. Undeniably the US is a war supported economy. I am not saying Venezuela, Cuba, even Mexico are in perfect shape and they do need cooperation . But this is the issue, cooperation for a better world for everyone, not greed hidden in the disguise of help.

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