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Spurred by the success of official shark mom shirt, Jarvis began a letter writing campaign to have Mother’s Day officially recognised as a national holiday. After six years, she got here wish, with Mother’s Day being acknowledged by no less of an authority than the President of the United States himself, Woodrow Wilson. On May 9, 1914, he issued a presidential proclamation that read that this is the day we “[publicly express] our love and reverence for the mothers of our country.

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Official Shark mom Ladies Tee
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I am SO EXCITED to start my classes as an official Shark mom shirt Doctor of Physical Therapy student!! Huge shoutout to Tess Zettelmaier for flying here this weekend and giving me her full support on Mother’s Day and through this orientation process. I wouldn’t be here without you! Now time to get back to studying

Guess it’s official Shark mom shirt now, Kam selects the Carolina Hurricanes jersey at the Hurricanes-Sharks game… mom being a San Jose Sharks faithful is probably not going to be so happy. Most moms are pretty great, so great in fact that in the early 20th century a woman called Anna Jarvis campaigned tirelessly to recognize them on a national scale- a decision Jarvis would later come to regret culminating in her more or less dedicating her life and life’s savings to destroy the Frankenstein’s monster of a holiday the greeting card industry molded her creation into

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