Pokemo parody shirt

Pokemo parody


The Lets Go games NEEDS some DLC. Why not have the seafoam islands playable with popular trainers from the Pokemon anime such as Drake from the Orange Islands, Richie and Pokemo parody shirt. Also have boss battles such as Crystal Onix who you can then capture and also a boss battle against Missigno who can be a Gigantic and corrupted Porygon. Finally let us get cool accessories such as Mewtwos Metal Armour from the first   movie. PLEASE guys make it happen

Pokemo parody shirt, Hoodie, V-neck, Sweater, Longsleeve, Tank Top, Bella Flowy and Unisex, T-shirt

Pokemo parody
Tank top
Pokemo parody
Guys Vneck
Pokemo parody
Ladie Tee
Pokemo parody
Guys shirt

The next Eeveelutions is a Steel type it’s already been leaked sorry lol but which makes sense because the Pokemo parody shirt is an industrial type area and steel beats fairy which was the last evolution so it brings balance to the evolution line and I’m pretty sure this Eevee is going to evolve into Said new Evolution at the end of the series

Best Pokemo parody shirt

Pokemo parody
Ladie Vneck
Pokemo parody

If it’s nickname is related to the Pokemo parody shirt in Japanese Nagisa it could get nicknamed Sandy and possibly evolve into a ground type eeveelution for hyping up Sword and Shield. Even though Lana is a Water type specialist this wouldn’t be the first time someone gets a Pokémon outside their speciality

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