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Splash Brothers


Kawhi is a different player he doesn’t fold with pressure he just play the Splash Brothers Shirt. No more no less, he’s been in this stage a few times so he knows what’s up. He don’t celebrate until the job is done that’s why he’s a killer and they’re not gonna choke like GSW and OKC did in 2016, all of his teammates are stepping up and hungry for this ring. Especially now that they’re 1 win away they’re fully motivated for this.

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Steph & Klay already combined for 55 points and Splash Brothers Shirt by 13 points in Game 4.Splash Brothers are not the problem, they will still get their numbers no doubt. Warrior’s problem is none of the players especially from the bench are stepping up enough to complement the starters and Boogie is absolutely being dominated by Ibaka and Gasol on the paint.

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Splash Brothers
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Splash Brothers

I’m just reading all the comments and Splash Brothers Shirt that it’s the fans from outside the the States or Bay Area who are more emotional and crazier. Win or lose it’s WARRIORS all the way. Back to Back Champs , 3X NBA Champions, 5X WCF Champion…!! I will support my home team. Hope to see you all tomorrow at Oracle for the watch party! GO DUBS!!

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