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Tu si a ZARA


I have complain for zara branch in localizer mall in riyadh , i surprised that Tu si a Zara shirt , i requested from the cashier to change clothes that already bought yesterday but he informed me that he didn’t know the changing process , he only accept cash customers and just wait 3 hours for branch manager to able support , really it’s disappointing.

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You yes to ZARA
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Hello, I bought pants from Zara branch of the Arab Republic of Egypt and Tu si a Zara shirt. The pants are torn apart. I went to the branch. I did not get anything. They say that this problem is not a factory defect, not our problemActually Zara branches in Egypt seems to be below the level of our expectations Hope to get an appropriate action regarding such case which also happened with me recently I am totally disappointed!!

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You yes to ZARA
Ladie Vneck
You yes to ZARA

The receipt is the smallest evil. Thousands of times worse are the harmful chemicals needed in manufacturing. A thousand times worse are the social conditions under which these cheap and worthless clothes are made. Unfortunately, that’s not just Zara. Even the smell that prevails in the Klamottenlaeden causes nausea. That does not seem to bother the vagabond bargain hunters.

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