Worlds Greatest G-pa shirt

Worlds Greatest G-pa


My favorite uncle member the time I took him to Nates oyster bar in Slocomb he enjoys Worlds Greatest G-pa shirt. Paw Paw and him up there with them dogs and having a great time with them him uncle Charlie  He driving farming and uncle Charlie driving his truck away granny up there cooking some fresh ok bisquits and smuthing with gravy with rabbit and coon good eating.

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Worlds Greatest G-pa
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Worlds Greatest G-pa
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Worlds Greatest G-pa
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Worlds Greatest G-pa
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I am beyond happy that people will get to hear Yuji Ohno’s music again! I got to see him perform live and it was one of the Worlds Greatest G-pa shirt I could of ever of had while in Japan. He is as important to the Lupin III as Monkey Punch. Like John Williams to Star Wars. Not the biggest fan of how the run time is cut down due to the amount of ads on cable TV, but you do what you have to do I suppose. People need to keep seeing what a classic anime style and feel looks like. Thanks for keeping it classy Toonami!

Best Worlds Greatest G-pa shirt

Worlds Greatest G-pa
Ladie Vneck
Worlds Greatest G-pa

Hunter x Hunter ends a week after JoJo, The Promised Neverland ends the Worlds Greatest G-pa shirt I believe (June 29th) so looks like we’ll still end up with 2 series premiering the same night in early August and then My Hero Academia ends in August so that’s another 3 open slots soon. With that double premiere possibility though, can’t help but wonder if they’ll snag season 2 of Mob Psycho 100 & One Punch Man simultaneously to air One’s series in a powerhour like how Boruto & Shippuden is currently set up

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